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Physiotherapy In KARIMNAGAR

There are many benefits to seeking physiotherapy in Karimnagar.

This city has a long history of providing excellent medical care, and physiotherapy is one of the many specialties that are available here. If you are suffering from pain or have been injured, physiotherapy can help you recover quickly and get back to your normal activities.

Karimnagar is one of the most popular cities in Telangana. It has many hospitals offering physiotherapy services and one physiotherapy college in Karimnagar.

Physiotherapists treat patients by using physical methods to improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent injury. They also teach people how to perform exercises at home to maintain good health.

Here we have listed some of them

There are many physiotherapy clinics in Karimnagar. You can find the list of physiotherapy clinic in karimnagar here.

Dr. M N Reddy

Dr. M N reddy is one of the best physiotherapist in Karimnagar. He provides physiotherapy treatment at his clinic.

Dr. K Omkar

He is a Top most physiotherapist in Karimnagar. He offers physiotherapy treatments at his clinic.

Dr. A Manasaveena

She is a very famous physiotherapist in Karimnagar. She provides physiotherapy treatment at her clinic.

Dr. K Swathi

She is a well known Physiotherapist in Karimngar. She provides physiotherapy treatments at her clinic.

Dr. N Kiranmayee

She is a popular Physiotherapist in Karimngar. She provides physiotherapy treatments at her clinic.