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Government College of Nursing, Thrissur is one of the prime institutions of Nursing Education in Kerala, established in the year 2006 with the twin objective of excellence in Nursing education and manpower development. The college offers BSc Nursing and MSc Nursing programmes. The institution is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council and is affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences. The college is recognized as Research Centre of Kerala University of Health Sciences since 2016. During the current academic year (2021- 2022) 16th batch BSc Nursing and 12th batch MSc Nursing students are admitted.

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Two symbols are synonymous with nursing: the oil lamp and the caduceus. Each has a different origin story and meaning. Let’s take a look at each of these nursing symbols and dive into their history.

The oil lamp: a lesser-known symbol

When you talk about the history of nursing and nursing symbols, you must include one of the most famous women in British history. Florence Nightingale is credited as the founder of modern nursing practice and is synonymous with the oil lamp. Why a lamp? She often cared for the sick and injured during the nighttime hours, carrying a lamp with her so she could see.

The caduceus: the most recognized nursing symbol

In Greek mythology, Hermes was the god of boundaries. One of his most important tasks was to guide the souls of the deceased into the afterlife. He was often depicted with a caduceus in his left hand. The caduceus is an odd-looking staff that is entwined by two serpents. Some versions also include a pair of wings at the top of the staff.

Home Nursing Thrissur

Home nursing services are beneficial as they help in saving time, prevention from any further infection from hospital, affordable treatment and personalised care.

Thrissur private hospitals list

Some of the best-equipped private hospitals in Thrissur are Elite Mission Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, Allied Hospitals, and other institutions. Elite Mission Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, Allied Hospitals, and other institutions are among the highest-ranked private hospitals in Thrissur. Patients of Thrissur can locate the finest private hospital in the city by studying the list listed below.

Aswini Hospital, Thrissur City, Thrissur - 680020

Elite Mission Hospital, Thrissur - 680007

Daya General Hospital & Speciality Surgical Centre, State Highway 22, Thrissur - 680022

Sun Medical And Research Centre, Thrissur - 680001

Royal Hospital, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur - 680503

Metropolitan Hospital, Thrissur - 680007

Westfort Hi Tech Hospital Ltd, Punkunnu, Thrissur - 680002

Modern Hospital, Kodungallur, Thrissur - 680664

Choondal Hospital, Kanipayyur, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur - 680503

Craft Hospital & Research Centre, Thrissur - 680664

Ahalia Ayurveda Hospital Valapad, Valapad, Thrissur - 680567

Guardian Multi Speciality Hospital, Kaipamangalam, Thrissur - 680681

Medicare Hospital, Thrissur - 680664

Paduva Hospital, Puthenpeedika, Thrissur - 680642

Our Hospital LTD, Irinjalakuda Ho, Thrissur - 680121

Allied Hospitals, Main Road, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur - 680503

LAL Memorial Hospital, Thrissur - 680001