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Know about BSc Nursing Course

What is BSc Nursing?

BSc Nursing Course is a four-year course and is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. This course focuses on reinstating health and providing care to the sick, which has made it one of the most desired career options for students in higher education.

Why nursing is a profession

Nursing is a healthcare profession that focuses on the care of individuals and their families to help them recover from illness and maintain optimal health and quality of life. Nurses are distinct from other healthcare providers as they have a wide scope of practice and approach to medical care.

Why is nursing considered as a profession?

Nursing is identified as a profession based on the criteria that a profession must have; a systematic body of knowledge that provides the framework for the profession's practice, standardized formal higher education, commitment to providing a service that benefits individuals and the community, maintenance of a unique ...

Why nursing is a noble profession?

Nursing is one of the Nobel professions that gives a lot of love and respect to the candidates. To get success in this sector, we must do lots of hard work and study so that we can easily know about the main facts and elements related to patient care.

Is nursing a profession yes or no?

Nursing has been ranked as the most trusted profession by 70% of Indians since 2005. This ranks nurses above pharmacists, medical doctors, and members of the clergy.

Why did you choose nursing as a career essay?

Personally, nursing has always been the right choice as a career. Nursing allows me to have the contact with several patients, enabling me to make a difference in their treatment. Additionally, I have always looked forward to being part of the health care system, as a responsible first person in a patient's cure.